New starts

28 07 2007

Colonial TimI am now unemployed.  Last night I celebrated the last day of my 6 years working for HSBC with 30 – 40 friends.  I had a great time, albeit flitting like a blue-arsed fly between groups and individuals feeling personally responsible that they enjoy themselves.  All this was done in a bar in Canary Wharf (one of London’s 2 financial districts) dressed like a colonial administrator.  A memorable night, hopefully I’ll get some photos to share.  The guys also got my justgiving fundraising up to £1,000.  I’ve been really touched by the generosity of my friends.  Happily HSBC have coughed up £500 to, so my personal aim to raise 10% of my cost before I go has been reached, with weeks to go.

It seems apt that on the day I finished work VSO emailed me with my flight details.  On Sunday 16 September at 14:15 I will get on a plane to the next phase of my life.

After 7 months of seemingly slow progress everything seems to be accelerating now, the last few weeks have been busy andI don’t think things will get any easier.




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7 07 2010
Re-boarding the responsibility train « The Fat Worm

[…] the responsibility train It’s nearly three years since I left HSBC and secure, paid, employment. It’s almost a year since I got back from Ghana, nine months since […]

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