Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Spoilers)

25 07 2007

I decided to re-read the previous 2 books before reading the new Harry Potter, and think it was a good idea.  Overall I enjoyed the conclusion, with the last 3rd of the book gripping, exciting and inventive.  Sadly yet again it took a very long time to get going, and could have done with serious editing.  The world that Ms Rowling paints is complex (unlike her characters) and interesting, but her self imposed limit of 7 books has meant that she has had to cram all the detail she wanted to get out of her head into great tomes of books.  The first few HP books were great, fast moving and engaging.  The last few are bloated and slow. 

I’ve enjoyed the Harry Potter series but don’t regret that this is the last.


Update (with spoilers) after reflection – 21st August 2007

The deathly hallows starts well going straight into the action with Harry’s exciting departure from Privett Drive, persued by death eaters.  The deaths start early, and Hedgwig’s seems low keyed – I’d have expected Harry to be more upset by both Hedgewig and Mad-eye’s deaths.  However the following part where the three friends apparate around Englands seems a bit dull and disjointed.  I will admit that I struggled to keep going.  Even the visit to Godric’s Hollow didn’t pick me up.  Things got better with the battle in the Malfoy home and the daring raid on Gringots.  The final battle was fast paced and exciting, I loved the disjointed nature of the background battling while Harry persues his mission, a feeling of the confusion of battle.  The final show down was excellent, with much explained.

Harry’s personal journey was maybe a little less well explored.  His growing understanding of Dumbledore as a man rather than a father/hero figure is well handled, as is his relationship with Ron & Hermione.  But even so I’m not sure that I ended with a rounded image of Harry as a person.

The deathly Hallows is probably the best of the last 3 “tomes”, but doesn’t quite match the promise of the first 3 books.




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