West end excursion (and a Ceilidh too)

10 06 2007

Met up with Rick in the west end last night (Saturday).  Going into central London for a drink at the weekend is unusual for me, if I go it would usually be to see a film or play or perhaps to eat.  After a couple of empty pubs behind the Mayfair side of Regents street we ended up in a retro 70’s bar/club near Oxford st.  Now it’s a long time since I’ve been anywhere in the slightest bit trendy, so it was an interesting experience sitting in a bar that looked like a 70’s diner surounded by braying 20 somethings and screeching Ozzy banshees performing complex mating dances, ignoring the only two people in the building who could actually remember the 70’s first time around.  I actually quite enjoyed myself even if I did get back well after my bedtime, and despite having a minor altercation with an overly aggresive Australian lad on the tube.

Actually it feels like random Australians have dominated my weekend so far.  On Friday evening VSO emailed me to ask whether I was comfortable sharing the house I’ll be in with a woman, specifically an Australian primary school teacher.  It should be a 3 bedroom place (i.e. a spare room for visitors, should any want to visit)  so I can’t imagine any problems.

Then Friday evening I went to a Camden Ceilidh.  Now these are much more my thing, swirling deverishly around a room to a live Scottish band; stripping willows and dashing white sargents abounding.  I had a great time and danced quite a lot with a very pleasant Australian lass, whose number I totally failed to get.





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