Progress and planning

10 06 2007

The whole fleeing the country thing is getting a little more real.  In the Last two weeks I’ve:
• Received written confirmation from VSO that they have put me forward for the role of IT manager for ISODEC in Tamale, northern Ghana (final confirmation that ISODEC will accept me is still pending)
• Spoken to an estate agent about the relative merits of selling vs letting
• Spoken to a firm of accountants about the tax and accounting implications
• Told work that I’m leaving – I’m yet to give them a final date, but I think it will be 29th July
• Been sent details of the courses and course dates that VSO want me to do before my departure
• Set up a “Just giving” page. Please give.

Plus I’ve bought some books on Ghana, which I’ll read once I’ve finished plodding through Naomi Klein’s “No Logo”.

There is still quite a lot to do; I’ve got a little notebook with a page for each major area I need to deal with, financial, flat, technical (website etc), health and personal.  I may well create a page on here with the count down to give people an idea of my planning and progress that goes into moving abroad.




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