A typical London morning (they’re all pretty much similar)

25 05 2007

Jubilee Line6.30a.m. My bedside radio starts regaling with Radio 4’s Today programme.  I doze, subliminally absorbing the day’s news agenda
6.50a.m. John Humphries incessant rambling questioning, insisting the interviewee gives the answer he wants to hear, in less time than it took to ask the question, irritates me sufficiently to prompt me to start thinking about getting out of bed.
7a.m. The pips and headlines finally motivates me to actually get out of bed.  Switch my computer on for a preliminary check for email.  Wander down to the bathroom switching another radio on so that I can continue listening and getting irritated while my bath runs and I shave and clean my teeth.
7.15a.m. Bathe.  I won’t go into detail.
7.30a.m. Make breakfast (mini shredded wheat with orange juice and a vitamin supplement and cod liver oil tablet)
7.35a.m. Eat breakfast whilst dressing and checking my flickr and blog hits, the narcissist that I am.
7. 50 a.m. Get bored and annoyed by the trite banalities issued from “Thought for the day”.  Despite all this I love the Today programme.
7.55 a.m. Leave the house, walking to Clapham Junction (making use of a short cut through Eckstein Road).
8.05a.m. Walk through station, buy newspaper (Guardian), and make my way to my usual place on platform 10 (right at the end of the train).  Spend 10 minutes watching packed trains until one arrives that I can squeeze onto.  Kill time doing the quick crossword, which is always my first priority with a newspaper.  Then I spend 10 minutes jammed between strangers until I get to Waterloo and join the stream of humanity pouring down into the jubilee line.  Occasionally I’ll walk to Southwark to get a bit of exercise and to avoid the crush.
8.25a.m. I finally get onto a train that isn’t totally packed, after edging my way forward with each previous train.  By London Bridge I’m standing between the rows of seats, which gives me room to read, as long as I do the commuter’s origami on the paper.
8.50 a.m. Arrive at my desk in a Canary Wharf sky scrapper, having had my bag X-rayed entering the building, and battled with the limited lift system (8,000 people work in the building and they all seem to reach the lift lobby just before 9am).
8.50 – 12.15 Work.  The first hour is spent readng and responding to emails from colleagues in the US and the far East sent overnight (and deleting about a dozen emails telling me stuff I’m not interested, mostly either that the systems we look after were fine when they were checked overnight or soething dull has happened in the bank – we may have appointed someone to something or sold someone something). 




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