Decision – I’m off to Ghana

20 05 2007

After some thought I’ve told VSO that I prefer the Ghana option (over the Nigerian placement).  My reasoning is basically professional, the role in Kano, northern Nigeria, would have been with a teacher’s training college and the job profile seemed to suggest that quite a lot of experience of education (as an educator) was needed.

The role in Ghana is with a Ghanaian NGO called ISODEC, working with them to produce databases for them and training their staff in Microsoft Office products.  The role spec said that it was for 12 months, but that they would like someone open to stay 18 months, which I’m quite happy to do at the moment.  I’m probably over qualified for the technical side of this, although inexperienced in training I will admit, but I suspect that there will be enough other challenges to keep me occupied.  It is in a town called Tamale in northern Ghana.  It’s the largest town in the area at about 350,000 people and is in a predominately Muslim area – which will be interesting. 

VSO sent me quite a lot of information about the roles (more about the Nigerian one than the Ghanaian), as well as contact details for people there.  Amongst the stuff they sent me was a “Placement Analysis Form” (PAF).  This looks quite like a job application form or structured CV.  It is what they use to gather your details for the partner organisation and to check your suitability and they ask that you return it completed within 2 weeks of getting the offers.  I emailed my volunteer and program adviser after about a week letting her know my decision and then filled the PAF for Ghana in.

It was quite hard deciding, and being away for the two weekends falling within the decision period cut down my thinking time, but I’m fairly certain I’ve done the right thing.  As you can imagine with 4 months to go (the provisional departure date is mid September) it seems quite exciting and is much on my mind.  Now I have to start organising myself to get the flat into a lettable state, get any jabs etc that I still need and generally get my life in order.




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