The Insider – Piers Morgan

8 05 2007

The former editor of the Mirror’s book is really quite interesting.  Written as a psuedo-diary (he admits in the introduction that he didn’t actually keep a diary, the book is draw from contemporary notes etc) the book starts with his sacking and then covers the 10 years leading up to it.  Writing with the quick fire jauntiness of a tabloid journalist he paints a fascinating picture of the tabloid world as well as glimpses into the worlds of celebrity and politics.  His relationship with the Blairs is particularly interesting.  Through the book  he manages to make himself appear to be a crass, foul mouthed egoist, generally with a disarming honesty.  I have to admit that I still doubt his protestations of innocence about the insider trading – I think his final sacking unfair but wonder whether he was in his role on borrowed time anyway.




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