The Nature of Truth

18 03 2007

I believe there is a single, actual real truth independent of us and of our individual experiences.   This seems so fundamental to me that I’m confused when people disagree.

That which is truly true is what is really real.  In an absolute sense the two concepts of truth and reality are interchangeable.  That which is true is what is real.  Reality doesn’t have to be concrete, and our experiences are part of that reality, in as much as they are real to us, but do not constitute truth or reality.

We cannot absolutely know truth, but we can reject the false, in that contradicting claims cannot both be true.  There either is a God or there isn’t.  If there is then it could be the God of fundamentalist Christianity, or Allah or even Woden but not all three.  Only one set of adherents can actually be right.  It is not possible for anyone to know absolutely, and the adherents of each sincerely believe.  But unknowability doesn’t change the underlying unverifiable truth.  To suggest that somehow adherents all “fundamentally” believe the same thing is patronising.




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