31 08 2006

I’ve been thinking about objectives recently. What my short, medium and long term aims in life are. It has proved remarkably difficult, even the short term stuff. I guess I don’t really know what I want. Everything seems fairly trivial – to lose another 10kg (about a stone and a half) by Christmas is probably the most challenging. Other objectives include getting central heating installed and sorting my savings out. Longer term I may try to get an MSc. This is all part of a “sort out your life Tim” drive. I’ve been reading management and investment books (I’ve just finished the Motley Fool Investment guide), going to the gym and watching what I eat. I’ve even signed up for an Open University course, but that will take 4 years. As a fantasy I’m promising myself 3 months in South America learning Spanish when I get my masters if I’ve got my savings sorted.




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