Life and Death

17 03 2006

Life and Death 7th Mar 2006
Last Sunday Benedict Isaac Lampard Walker was Christened at Hinde Street Methodist church in a traditional Methodist service, led by a man who looked suspiciously like the traditional image of Jesus; tall, skinny with long hair and bedraggled beard and wearing long flowing white robes. I know Rachel has connections but I didn’t realise just how high they went. Benedict is a typical baby and looks much like most babies. He was very well behaved during the service. I wasn’t able to stay long afterwards as I had to go down to Mum’s. Jean’s funeral was how I imagine she would have wanted it. A small service in the cemetery chapel on Lewes road conducted by Mum’s friend David (from Crossover) followed by the burial. I read a tribute from Nick and we sang “Abide with Me” (unaccompanied) and “How Great thou Art”. The second hymn was sung along to a slow Jazz version from a CD, very hard to sing to. Jean would have found it hilarious. There was a reasonable turnout, with Yvonne, Bill (with new lady friend), Kathy & Hugo, Simon, Jo & Lucy, Kirsty & John, Matt, Bridget and the boys as well as Joy and a few others I don’t know at the funeral.Afterwards the family went back to Jean’s for the wake. We had had problems with the heating before the service, and expected to return to a freezing house. Fortunately we’d been defeated by the timer and the heating had come on of its own accord while we were out. This was a relief because Monday was bitterly cold. As you can imagine the wake was a subdued affair, but it was good to catch up.




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