I am eternity

1 10 2005

I am eternity 1st Oct 2005
If I ask, “Who am I?” this is a meaningless question. I am. I am me. I cannot be anyone else, or imagine being anyone else so I cannot answer the question except as I am me. Similarly, to ask ; “Why do I exist?” is also a meaningless question. I exist to exist. There is no meaning as there is no existence outside of me. I cannot cease to exist and still be me or have ever not existed and been me which the question implies. Indeed, for me, I am eternity. I am who I am. That is to say I am all of me. I am not what I think, say or do. I am that which brings forth those things. What I believe is an expression of who I am, but I cannot alter who I am even if I think I want to. Those beliefs are themselves part of me and an expression of me. I am and it is enough.




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