Tube Bombings

7 07 2005

In some ways sirens have been the “leitmotif” of today, but in other ways it has been the sound of “the other shoe dropping”. We’ve been expecting something like this for 3 years, with surprise last year that it was Madrid not London.

There was wide spread expectation that something would happen during the election campaign, so it is almost a sense of relief that finally something has happened. That it was the tube network was assumed.The reaction that I have seen has been true London style – concern about the public transport network (how will I get home), black humour (we didn’t expect the French to take our getting the Olympics this badly), defiance (buggered if I’ll let them bully me) and a decent excuse to gossip, speculate and skive.

Personally I’ve combined all the above. With grandparents who stayed in London during the blitz and having worked here during IRA campaigns there is no way I’ll allow another bunch of misguided fanatics force me to dishonour my grandparents or change my behaviour. Saying that, if I can wrangle a day off tomorrow and get a long weekend count me in!




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